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Dental Services

Preventive Dentistry & Teeth Cleaning

The need for preventive dentistry can begin when a child is as young as 6 months old. Maintaining routine preventative appointments (every 6-months) significantly contribute to good overall oral health throughout a patient's lifetime.

* Cleanings - recommended every 6 months
* X-rays (pans & bite wings) - aid in detection of decay
* Sealants - help protect surface of the teeth

Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry

Restorative procedures occur, from example, when patients experience an oral condition such as decay, caries (cavity), abscess or tooth trauma. Sometimes, restorative is necessary when adult teeth don't come in properly, or if baby teeth refuse to fall out. Example procedures include:
* Fillings to eliminate decay from cavities
* Tooth bonding
* Tooth extraction
* Space maintainers 
* Stainless Steel Crowns

* White crowns

Patients with Special Needs

As a board certified, specially trained pediatric dentist, Dr. Kelly received two additional years in delivering dental care to patients who require a higher level of attention. This ranges from providing dentistry for children to providing dentistry for special needs patients, regardless of age.

Sedation Services

Dr. Kelly has performed thousands of sedation cases. Types of sedation range from in-office nitrous oxide and in-office IV sedation to general anesthesia administered in a surgical center. Dr. Kelly administers nitrous oxide and works with a pediatric anesthesiologist for in-office IV sedation.

Emergency Services

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people (and good kids!). When dental trouble strikes, please call the office during office hours. If it is outside office hours and a true emergency, proceed to Childrens Hospital immediately. If you can wait for a callback, and it is before 9pm, please call (412) 376-7807 and leave a message - Dr. Kelly will call you back.

Sports Dental Medicine

From mouth guards to tooth trauma, Terrific Teeth has you covered. Visit us for your custom mouth guard needs. All of our future hockey stars out there think teeth are replaceable. While modern dentistry has given us amazing solutions for replacements, athletes everywhere should wear adequate protection to minimize the potential damage of tooth trauma. Sometimes, trauma is unavoidable - like Sid the kid taking a puck in the mouth, bad things happen to good people. Thank goodness for Dr. Kelly, a board certified pediatric dentist who excels at treating your pediatric dental trauma needs.

Tongue Ties & Lip Ties

Tongue ties & lip ties can result in various issues for children depending on their age. Infants who have tongue ties or lip ties could struggle with feeding due to difficulty latching. As children grow, tongue ties could impede a child's speech. Also, lip ties could affect the way the front teeth erupt into place. A simple in-office procedure called a frenectomy can correct tongue ties and lip ties. Dr. Kelly performs frenectomies in-office with the use of a laser specially designed to perform frenectomies. Contact us to learn more.   


Dr. Kelly is pleased to offer her patients access to in-office orthodontics. If you are an existing patient and have questions about orthodontics, please feel free to call and discuss or inquire at your next appointment. 

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