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Preventative Care & Diagnostics

The need for preventive dentistry begins when a child is as young as 6 months old. Maintaining routine preventative appointments (every 6 months) significantly contributes to good overall oral health throughout a patient's life.

  • Cleanings - recommended every six months

  • X-rays (pans & bite wings) - aid in detection of decay

  • Sealants - help protect surface of the teeth

  • Fluoride - protects teeth from cavities; helps rebuild enamel; prevents bacteria overgrowth in the mouth and is recommended every six months

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Needle Free, Pain Free Dentistry (Solea All-Tissue Laser)

This state-of-the-art, all-tissue laser is truly a game changer in dentistry. It helps eliminate the primary cause of patient anxiety: discomfort.

  • No needles!

  • No numbness!

  • No sound of the drill!

  • No pain!


Want to learn more? Ask us at your next appointment about how Solea could help your child.

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Tongue & Lip Tie Releases (Frenectomies)

Tongue ties & lip ties can result in various issues for children depending on their age. Infants who have tongue ties or lip ties may struggle with feeding due to difficulty latching. As children grow, tongue ties can potentially impede their  speech. Also, lip ties can affect the way the front teeth erupt into place. A simple in-office procedure called a frenectomy can correct tongue ties and lip ties. We perform frenectomies in-office with the use of a pain-free laser specially designed to perform them.

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Sedation Dentistry

We routinely administer nitrous oxide for basic and complex dental restorations; and our pediatric dental anesthesiologist administers in-office IV sedation when patients require a deeper form of sedation.


Everyone deserves a great smile! We are delighted to have Dr. Sencak provide orthodontic services to our patients, their parents, and anyone else in the community who wants a great smile. Dr. Sencak offers:

  • Invisalign ®

  • Metal Braces

  • Ceramic Braces

  • Palatal Expanders

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